Behind The Story

The Dalhousie Gazette is the student-run newspaper of Dalhousie University and the oldest, longest-run campus newspaper in Canada. The Gazette is an autonomous student newspaper covering news and events both on the Dalhousie campus and around Halifax. It’s covered stories ranging from provincial politics, celebrating women on campus and of course, the Dalhousie Student Union.

CKDU Interviews

Interviews from CKDU 88.1 FM in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

CPS Podcast

The Dallaire Institute for Children, Peace and Security podcast.


A current affairs show focusing on local news and events that could stand up against anything done similarly by other Halifax media. Each episode of the podcast takes an in-depth look into an issue or issues of relevance to a local and regional audience through research, interviews and analysis. It would be a balanced, enlightening and entertaining approach to things that matter, and should matter, in our own backyard.

Here From Away

Here From Away features individual stories of people who came (or came back) to Halifax from somewhere else. On it you will hear people talking about what brought them to Nova Scotia, their experience of living in the city and whether or not they would stay.

Into It

Welcome to Into It – a podcast about news and sports at Dalhousie University and the University of King’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Let It Out

A weekly show covering LGBTQ+ topics in Halifax and beyond!

My Blackness, My Truth

Frank and candid conversations about race and identity, with a special focus on the African Nova Scotian experience.


Sciographies introduces listeners to scientists at Dalhousie University. Each episode explores events in our guest’s life that left an impression powerful enough to lead them to their career in science. Guests will also talk about their research and provide thought-provoking commentary on topics like climate change, cannabis research, endangered species and more.

Stereo Threads

Audio collages in drama, documentary and story telling.

ULEAD: Dal/UKing’s News

Karli Zschogner reports and hosts ULead, a news and current affairs show for Dalhousie University and the University of King’s College, with a human rights focus.

ULead aired on Fridays 10:30am from February to April 2018 in Halifax. Theme song by Siddharth Kedare.

Voices from the Harbour

We are looking to uncover the hidden voices of our Halifax community through the power storytelling. There will be a focus on diversity and inclusion, and we will seek guests to speak on behalf of these topics.

Each month we will feature a Haligonian with a unique perspective and story of the city. The Global Shapers will facilitate this discussion to provide a platform for stories that can be advocated for.

Women In Music Atlantic

Welcome to the Women in Music Atlantic Chapter – Spring Sessions Podcast. Each month we will chat with musicians, producers, songwriters and other music industry professionals from the Atlantic provinces of Canada. We have a focus to have conversations with Women, Trans and non-binary folks, and basically, anyone who does not identify as a cis man. Why? Because the voices of gender minorities have not taken up enough space in the music industry. We’re here, we’re working hard, and we have a lot to say.

Gay Expectations

Something fruity this way comes, weekly conversations with Nicole Keeping and Diana B. Tease